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NewsRadio is an American sitcom television series that aired on NBC from March 21, 1995 to May 4, 1999, focusing on the work lives of the staff of a New York City AM news radio station.


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Dave Nelson

Dave is the boss, and while he is considered the "straight man" of the group, he has his traits. Dave is very passionate and well grounded. Most of the others will go to dave for guidance and advice. Though, some of the workers tend to see Dave as "Cold" or "heartless" at times. I can assure you that Dave cares a lot about his coworkers and would do about anything (obviously within his moral bounds) for any of them. Dave is often joked about, whether that be because his personality or the strange talents he has. Notable traits of his is: tap dancing, knife throwing, and being a Ventriloquist. Dave is loved, and at the end of the day there has never been a better boss than Dave.

Bill McNeal

Bill McNeal is WNYX's pompous egotistical news anchor. He has two show's that he does on air, "The McNeal perspective" and "The Real Deal with Bill McNeal". He's incredibly sly and clever, always playing tricks and taking advantage of the other employees. As cunning as he is, you can't help but love him due to his knack for witticisms and his charming flamboyant flair he brings to the show. Many of his friends have this sort of... relationship with him, where they just can't seem to stay angry with him. In the case where Bill were to go too far, he'd always manage to come around and make things right, Bill McNeal is not heartless.


Beth. Yes, that's it. She does not have a last name, but that's not her only quirk! Beth is the low-paid spunky, confident, and adorable red-headed assistant to Dave. Despite being an assistant she isn't really "the working type". She'll always find a way to "get distracted" from her work, but still look busy as to not make Dave suspicious. She's a bit of a gossiper, always in some sort of scandal. Despite that, Beth has a heart of gold. She cares about every single one of her friends, and always manages to help them in anyway that she can, whether it be keeping Dave and Lisa's relationship a secret, or helping Matthew with... Matthew stuff. She loves her coworkers like family.

Joe Garrelli

Speaking of last names... your name is Garrelli? Yes, Joe Garrelli is WNYX's gruff, but friendly, electrician. Joe is very smart in his craft... but only in his craft. He believes in wild and crazy government conspiracy theories, like aliens, and other science fiction oddities. He's not exactly a charmer but he can sure get the ladies. He's rather blunt at times, and will always fight if the opportunity comes his way. However, this doesn't mean he isn't a nice guy, he is always willing to take a chance on people like Matthew. Joe is sly and slick, but he's also a rather good friend, and very helpful in times of need.

Lisa Miller

If you wanna talk about a very opinionated and grounded woman, you talk about Lisa. Lisa is the reporter for WNYX. In season one, Lisa and Dave get together. For a while the buzz of the office is their relationship, which remains on and off until season 4. She's very independent and often gets the job done. At times she is called "the cute one" at least out of the girls (Dave being called cute pretty often as well). A notable talent she has is Lisa is very smart! She is able to answer any math question on a wim and this reflects on her SAT score, great talent for parties.

Jimmy James

"Corporate Fat Cat" Jimmy James is the boss's boss. He's often described as larger than life. He owns the station and everything inside of it including the people, even going as far as to put on WNYX's own Bill McNeal's contract, that he is in fact god and Bill must obey his every command. He is often complaining about WNYX's budget, and always causing climactic changes to the station. While he is buddy-buddy with everyone in it, there have often been threats to sell it but despite all of it.. Jimmy James a funny guy. He is often in search of a wife even going as far as to ask Dave if his mother was still on speed dial. He is constantly misquoting movies and saying silly aphorisms that don't really make any sense. Classic Jimmy!